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Our Expertise

Strategy Consulting to the Cruise Industry

CHART Management Consultants provides a comprehensive suite of management and consulting services. Ted Blamey/CHART has delivered successful projects for clients in the following key areas:

Strategic Direction, Market Positioning, Business Improvement

  • Strategic review of the viability and future direction of an established Australasian cruise line (including market position, product design, deployment, pricing, organisation, etc) resulting in a dramatic reversal of its fortunes and long-term success. (Australia)
  • Global market and competitive assessment, then guiding the product positioning, marketing and distribution strategies to establish a new world-wide luxury line (USA and Europe).
  • Resolution of reservations systems issues, advising on partnership disputes and management concerns, implementing solutions and analysing outcomes for the above cruise line (USA & Europe)

Mergers and Acquisitions

As President and CEO of Sitmar International, at the end of the 1980s Ted Blamey initiated the first significant cruise industry consolidation, leading to the merging of Sitmar’s and P&O/Princess’ worldwide interests through outright sale of the Sitmar companies. This move set the tone for the industry’s next decade.
He subsequently:

  • Effected the merging of two well-known Australasian brands into one dominant company. (Australia)
  • Represented one of the cruise lines in a multi-owner working group, examining the benefits of merging three competing brands to form a new company in the international (US/Europe-headquartered) cruise industry. (USA & Europe)
  • Evaluated the benefits and financial consequences of an established line taking over the operations of a struggling niche cruise business; brokered discussions between the owners. (Europe & South Pacific)

Establishment of New Business

  • Research and development of the strategy and detailed business plan for an international cruise line to enter a complementary tour/land programs business. (USA)
  • Business analysis, negotiation and legal documentation to establish a new international cruise line/third party joint venture. (USA)
  • Analysis of a new cruise market opportunity in North America and development of a third-party partnership to exploit it. (USA)
  • Feasibility study, financial modelling and business plan for entry of an established international cruise line into a luxury river cruise operation in a new region of the world. (China)
  • Provision of access to personal and professional networks to effect an upscale cruise line’s strategy of developing direct business. (Australia)

Destination Development

  • Study to document the issues, regulations and costs facing cruise lines seeking to cruise Australian waters, with report on appropriate measures to deal with them. (Australia)
  • Engaged by a government tourism ministry to advise on the requirements and potential benefits of building cruise and yachting tourism throughout the nation and of running their own cruise line with a dedicated ship. (Middle East)
  • Research and analysis of the factors needed for an island nation to succeed in attracting a significant increase in cruise business, including extensive stakeholder interviews and assessment of potential destinations, culminating in a five-year Cruise Shipping Development Strategy. (Melanesia)

Market and Product Analysis

  • Major study for a consortium of National Tourism Organisations on the regional impact of cruising in the South Pacific.
  • Detailed analysis and research of the international upscale segment of the cruise industry for one of its principal contenders. (USA)
  • Analysis and report on a potential new cruise line’s business plan for third-party investors. (Australia)
  • Detailed research, wide-ranging interviews, analysis and authoring of the first comprehensive review of the Asian cruise industry for the Asia Cruise Association. The White Paper ” Information, Intelligence, Insights” launched in October 2013 and discussed at Cruise Shipping Asia-Pacific, Singapore.

Operations and Passenger Services

  • Negotiation with vendors/ concessions/ suppliers and preparation of a complete range of on-board revenue programs for the start-up of a major new Australasian operator. (Australia)
  • Deployment and itinerary strategy for a unique new business offering luxury residences at sea, operating world-wide. (USA)

Finance and Administration

  • Assistance and advice on preparation of a submission to refinance an established international cruise line and for obtaining new tax status. (UK)
  • Review of a cruise line’s world-wide organisation structure, including issues of location and remuneration; analysis of financial and personnel consequences; advice and recommendations for the way ahead. (USA & Europe)
  • Preparation of a company-wide performance compensation/incentive plan for a cruise line’s US and international employees at all levels. (USA & Europe)

Interim Management Roles

Ted Blamey, or one of  CHART’s associates, can be used effectively as an interim member of a client’s senior management team.

This is particularly beneficial when temporary vacancies occur through an executive leaving or being terminated, when downsizing is needed due to cost pressures, when the client is unsure of how to scope a new role, when a short-term boost to the executive ranks is useful or when a task or project is not expected to require a permanent hire.

Get in touch to discuss how we can help your organisation to develop strategy, improve performance, develop new business opportunities and drive growth and competition.