Working with CHART on Cruise & Tourism Projects

CHART Management Consultants offers transparency, accountability and clearly defined working practices on all tourism assignments, strategic studies and government projects.

Cruise and Tourism
Assignments World-Wide

We undertake cruise industry and tourism assignments anywhere in the world. The firm has worked extensively in the USA, the UK, Monaco, Australia and New Zealand and also carried out successful projects in the South Pacific, Melanesia, Southeast Asia, China, the Middle East and Western Europe.

Assignments can range from full-scale strategic studies to single issue projects, from studies lasting several months to those requiring only a week’s work.

The firm’s principal, Ted Blamey, leads each assignment personally.

an Assignment

An assignment typically starts with a meeting or telephone conference to scope the client’s needs and expectations. This is followed by a project outline or proposal document for review, discussion and approval of the parameters of the work, including time-frame and fees.

For public sector and government projects, CHART is ready to respond to a tender, RFP or other necessary requirements.

In the event that a client requires extension to an assignment or additional projects, CHART will do its best to give these priority. On the other hand, the client may terminate an assignment at any time.


CHART agrees specific deliverables for the assignment with the client. In addition to recommended action, these may include progressive findings and periodic reporting and reviews, executive counsel and management coaching.

CHART regards analyses, worksheets, plans and supporting documents that make use of client data to be the property of the client. Valuable work resulting from the tourism assignment is assembled and provided to the client on completion

A Close Consultant to
Client Relationship

Often the consulting relationship works best when CHART functions within the client organisation, working closely with the relevant executives and accountable to the CEO or COO or a senior functional/divisional head.

For such projects CHART is ready to conduct much of the assignment based at the client’s own premises or on location within the relevant market/destination/area of operation.

Otherwise CHART recommends open and frequent collaboration by voice and email with a senior client representative as the project proceeds.

Fees and Expenses

Fees are established before commencement based on an assessment of consulting time required and are either determined by hourly rates based on time-sheets or set as a lump sum. Fees are usually paid monthly in arrears, after the presentation of an invoice. An up-front advance is usual for new clients.

Out-of-pocket expenses are billed at cost, backed by receipts, and reimbursed monthly. Where travel is required, CHART willingly makes use of any arrangements the client has in place.


All aspects of CHART’s work are regarded as the proprietary property of the client and are treated in strict confidence.

Unless specifically briefed to do otherwise, CHART does not consider it has any authority to speak on behalf of the client.

CHART is particularly conscious of, and respects, the competitive nature of the industries in which it works.

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