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CHART Management Consultants is a specialist business consulting firm serving the global cruise shipping industry.

Active since 1997, we have built strong and lasting relationships by helping owners, boards and senior management to achieve their business goals, identify new opportunities, analyse and capitalise on the growth of cruising worldwide.

We serve all manner of cruise industry stakeholders, delivering expertise in strategy, performance improvement, new business development, growth and competition.

Our clients include tourism and port authorities, global cruise lines, niche operators, investors, cruise related enterprises, educational/training programs and research centres.

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CHART Management Consultants

With transparency, accountability and clearly defined working practices, we provide specialist business consulting to the cruise shipping and tourism industries.

We undertake cruise industry consulting and tourism assignments anywhere in the world. CHART has worked extensively in the USA, the UK, Monaco, Australia and New Zealand and also carried out successful projects in the South Pacific, Melanesia, Southeast Asia, China, the Middle East and Western Europe.

The firm’s principal, Ted Blamey, has more than 30 years of experience and leads each assignment personally.